Start float fishing

Start Float Fishing is a concise, step by step course made for the complete beginner. It describes the proven and popular “Waggler” or English method of float fishing on lakes. It reveals fundamental angling principles that are used in all rod and line fishing, but concentrates on the Waggler float.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • 1 Rod Reel and Line
    • 2 Floats shot and accessories
    • List of equipment
    • 3 How the reel works
    • 4 Loading line onto the reel
    • 5 Setting up the rod and reel
  • 2
    Getting ready to fish
    • 6 Casting a float
    • 7 Attach the float and hook
    • 8 How deep is the water
    • 9 Completing the Waggler rig
    • 10 Bait
  • 3
    Start float fishing
    • 11 Begin fishing
    • 12 What a bite looks like
    • 13 Playing and landing a fish
    • 14 Unhooking and Handling fish
    • 15 Start fishing
    • 16 Where to fish
  • 4
    • Loop knot


  • Informative

    Ian Reeves

    I really learnt a lot from this course, it was very informative.

    I really learnt a lot from this course, it was very informative.

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  • Excellent

    john moggeridge

    Excellent just enough detail and a very enjoyable course

    Excellent just enough detail and a very enjoyable course

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Course FAQ's

  • What sort of fishing is this ?

    This is float fishing for coarse fish in freshwater.

  • Which fish will I catch ?

    The course takes a "catch anything" view, so whatever comes along.

  • Is this course about Carp fishing ?

    No, but you may catch some.

  • Will I defiantly catch fish ?

    Not every time, fish are very capricious.

  • Is ledger fishing covered ?

    No, the course concentrates on float fishing with a Waggler float.

  • Is feeder fishing covered ?

    No, just float fishing.

  • Is river fishing covered ?

    No, all of this course is set on still water.

  • Is sea fishing included ?

    No, the entire course is set on freshwater lakes.

Start float fishing is an on-line course made for anyone wanting to learn how to float fish. The course covers how to fish in the English style, also known as Waggler fishing. I describe Waggler float fishing in a clear no nonsense way, from the basic equipment and how to use it, right through to unhooking a fish. If you want to start a new outdoor hobby that just about anyone can do, then use my course to gain the knowledge and confidence to start float fishing.

Purchase FAQ's

  • How can I know if I like your work ?

    I can only recommend you have a look at my website Amateur Angling. There are articles, some with videos, which you can peruse to help you decide.

  • Course availability

    The course is viewed via this website, as many times as you like, for a period of one year.

  • Can I have a refund ?

    Since the lessons, downloads or products made available here are intangible, I cannot accept any request for refunds. If you have any questions please contact me before you commit.